Lost in Content

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25 September 2018 Salons Waerboom, Groot-Bijgaarden ACA

Lost in content

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018
With inspiring keynote speaker Nathalie Nahai, tangible expert speakers and customer cases divided over 3 different tracks (visionary, monetary, legal), we will give you unique insights into content as a necessary foundation and driver for intelligent business!
Lost in Content
September 25, 2018
12h — 20h
Salons Waerboom
Free parking available at the location for all guests
Jozef Mertensstraat 140, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
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Venue Tomorrow Starts Today 2017 by ACA

Why should you come to Lost in Content?

The speed of today’s business is reshaping the way we think, communicate and work. The pace of change, demands on your time and the amount of knowledge that you have to access and process every day is unprecedented.

Jelle Van der Linden
Content has never been more important and you must have noticed the huge impact it has over your business.
Jelle Van der Linden

It’s not just about content marketing conversion, CRM paperless office or a digital transformation, it’s all about the content revolution.

Experts from all over the world
Internationally renowned speakers and experts that will inspire you with their insights
Exclusive results from a study
Get the exclusive results of a content study and learn from today’s market challenges
Personalized to your needs
17 expert sessions with break-out session choices to fit your business challenge and domain

Keynote speaker Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai is an author, thinker – web psychology, tech & human behaviour.

She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, design agencies and SMEs, including Google, eBay, Unilever and Harvard Business Review, to name a few.

Lost in Content

Lost in Content will teach you how:

  • to use web psychology to engage customers with online persuasion techniques
  • blockchain can service content security and delivery
  • to reach your target audience in the most efficient and effective manner
  • to verify the accuracy and genuinity of content in an efficient manner
  • to empower your content with AI workflows and decision algorithms
  • your business can better manage content to comply with standards
  • you can identify the important content from all your data

This is an event for you if you:

  • are trying to find your way in the maze of different tools and platforms to manage, innovate and distribute your content.
  • have ever wondered how many important PDFs are stored your employees’ devices or how many forgotten fileshares you have left
  • have ever wondered how you could truly find out what’s in the mind of your prospects and customers and how to use this content.
  • ask yourself how you innovate and automate content workflows to get better metrics, ensure security and optimize your processes
  • wake up in the middle of the night wondering if the GDPR can actually bring added value to your company instead of just more costs

Event schedule

We’ll announce the speakers for Lost in Content very soon.

🚨 Temporary schedule! Updates coming soon! 🚨
Registration & Networking Lunch — 90 min
Nathalie Nahai: “The psychology of online persuasion” — 45 min
Short break — 30 min
Room 1 – Visionary
Room 2 – Monetary
Room 3 – Legally
Blockchain meets content: a true disruptor or just a passing trend? Stijn Van den Enden • 35 min
Light up your life with Liferay and Philips Hue Sebastiaan Steensels & Jeroen Poismans • 35 min
Can Artificial Intelligence make content intelligent? Hans Van Heghe • 35 min
Artificial Intelligence for your content Waldo Smeets • 35 min
Getting your content right with best practices in information architecture (UX / UI) Didier Claessens • 35 min
Topic titel: Let GDPR drive the digital transformation of content Bart Van Bouwel • 35 min
Citizen central instead of Brussels central Siri Craen • 35 min
No content without authenticity – UZ Brussel Edgard Eeckman • 35 min
Working Out Loud: the power of liberating your content Filip Callewaert • 35 min
Short break — 15 min
Closing talk — 45 min
Networking reception (Food & Drinks)


You can expect a guide through innovation with tangible insights & speakers.


L&H the story behind the rise & fall in innovation

Pol Hauspie

Pol Hauspie

Innovation at Tesla

TeslaRuben Evens

Ruben Evens

Marketing Coördinator at Tesla

Experience matters : How User Experience makes brands highly valuable for their customers ?

Content SquareLucie Buisson

Lucie Buisson

VP Product — Content Square


From idea to innovation in just 5 days

ACA IT-SolutionsYakup Kalin

Yakup Kalin

Mobile Solutions Expert

Why technology isn’t the answer to better security

Distrinet KU LeuvenPhilippe De Ryck

Philippe De Ryck

imec-DistriNet, KU Leuven

Delivering value, as a team: key learnings from DevOps

Speakers will be announced soonTom Moors

Tom Moors

Atlassian Expert


Hierarchy doesn’t fit us any longer

Christel Hofman

Christel Hofman

Transition Expert, Interim manager, Certified Holacracy coach and agent

How the GDPR can drive innovation

CDI PartnersBart Van Bouwel

Bart Van Bouwel

Managing Partner at CDI Partners

An executive guide on how to steer your digitalisation

ACA IT-SolutionsStijn Wijndaele

Stijn Wijndaele

Enterprise Mobility Expert


Digital? Game over! Please insert coin.

ACA IT-SolutionsJelle Van der Linden

Jelle Van der Linden

Digital Flow Consultant

Be more secure within the AWS Cloud

AWSAntoine Brochet

Antoine Brochet

Startups Account Manager at AWS

10 years Lean and Agile @ ACA – a promising journey for the future

ACA IT-SolutionsChristopher Verhulst

Christopher Verhulst

Agile Expert &

Confirmed speakers

Nathalie Nahai
Nathalie Nahai
Author, thinker – web psychology, tech & human behaviour.

Stijn Van den Enden
Stijn Van den Enden
Chief Technology Officer

Edgard Eeckman
Edgard Eeckman
Communication Manager UZ Brussel

Filip Callewaert
Filip Callewaert
Responsible for the Digital Workplace at the Port of Antwerp Authorities

Waldo Smeets
Waldo Smeets
Sr. Solutions Consultant Digital Marketing at Adobe Benelux

Bart Van Bouwel
Bart Van Bouwel
Managing Partner at CDI-Partners

Siri Craen
Siri Craen
Relationship Manager at Informatie Vlaanderen

Hans Van Heghe
Hans Van Heghe
Managing Director at Knowliah

Didier Claessens
Didier Claessens
UX & E-commerce Expert

Sebastiaan Steensels
Sebastiaan Steensels
Software Development Expert

Jeroen Poismans
Jeroen Poismans
Software Development Expert