Whitepaper: Our DevOps best practices explained

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Get rid of your pets. Change to cattle now. Make 2018 the year you start implementing DevOps.

What is this whitepaper all about?

Simply put, we tell you about our experiences with certain DevOps concepts and how you can benefit from them. These concepts aren’t always very easy to grasp, so we try making things a bit more understandable by using an analogy. Download the whitepaper to read about the adventures farmer Frank and see how he automated and upscaled his business in 4 chapters:

  • bimodal IT,
  • pet and cattle infrastructure,
  • containerization,
  • Kubernetes.


This whitepaper is for you if you

  • are curious about DevOps, but aren’t sure on how to start implementing it.
  • want to hear about our best practices regarding DevOps.
  • love learning more about current technologies in IT in a clear-cut way.


Ready to start taking care of your business?

You have a vision. With our unique approach, we have a way to get you there. This whitepaper can be the start of your advanced DevOps adventure.

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