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How can you be sure you are building the right product?

Building software is expensive, so you want to get it right from the first time. Discovering the needs of the end users is not easy. Designing a good solution is even harder. Scaling that solution also requires skill. Teams often find it challenging to build a usable, valuable and feasible product.

PO Offering

Ideally, you would have some sort of superhero by your side, someone that effortlessly aligns user experience, business and technology to create a product everybody loves.

Superheroes like that are hard to find, though. However, as innovative software and technology professionals, ACA IT-Solutions has gained considerable expertise in product discovery, strategy and analysis. We would love to apply our expertise and help you discover your product.

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Product Owners need to have a good understanding of the technology stack, the required technical effort and the technical feasibility. They need to be able to accurately estimate impact and effort.

User Experience

Product Owners take user experience into account by testing their product and interviewing end users to make a product that fits users needs


Product Owners make sure they create value for their target market and business

We can aid in product definition and delivery by coaching Product Owners with UX, business and technological skills.

We present 5 different offerings, tailored to your specific needs.


Learn new Product Owner techniques.

ACA teaches you new techniques and helps you to develop your product faster and better. You’ll gain deeper insight in the techniques used by a Product Owner. This includes business techniques such as business model canvas and roadmapping, UX techniques such as user interviews and technology techniques such as Agile development, domain modelling and many more.


Sharpen your existing Product Owner skills.

ACA coaches you and sharpens your skills, completely adapted to your personal experience and background. This way, you will still be able to deliver the right product, even if you don’t always know the right techniques.


Instantly acquire a skilled team.

A good Product Owner never works alone and asks for the advice, expertise and cooperation from UX and technology experts. ACA delivers these UX and technology experts to construct a strong Product Discovery Team.


Start with a skilled Product Owner already by your side.

ACA provides a Product Owner with an entire set of skills ready to build a Product Discovery team and introduce a product development process for your product. This way, you no longer have to look for a Product Owner. Instead, you can quickly start developing your product with a skilled Product Owner already by your side, who can later hand over to your own Product Owner.


See ways to improve your product discovery process and team.

ACA assesses the maturity of your product ownership, product ideation and implementation. With this assessment, you get the opportunity to continuously monitor and improve the evolution of your product discovery phase.

PO Workshop

What you will learn:

  • Learn what happens / should happen before job requirements come into the development backlog.
  • Understand the role of a Product Manager and Product Owner
  • Understand the difference between Product Manager and Product Owner (psstt, there should be no difference)
  • Understand the day-to-day tasks of a Product Manager
  • Understand the product discovery process
  • Understand how product discovery and development go hand in hand
  • Understand where you are with your product and what your next steps are
  • Understand why product discovery is important
  • Understand the interaction between Product Management, UX and Development

DECEMBER 12, 2018

Workshop Leuven


JANUARY 30, 2019

Workshop Antwerp