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Our goal is to help our customers create the emerging economic, social and political operating systems of the future. Blockchains and distributed ledger services show great promise with their ability to create records that are nearly impossible to change. Not only does this mean better security, it also means more speed, lower cost, fewer errors and the elimination of central points of attack and failure.

At ACA, we strongly believe in the potential of blockchain technology. We go far beyond its hype and strive for the right implementation. We balance our passion for the technology with knowledge on when and how to focus the conversation on our users.

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What is blockchain technology and why should I care?

Blockchain technology makes secure transactions within a specific network possible without needing a centralized third party. It doesn’t matter if the transaction consists of money, goods, property, votes or personal data. All participants in the network can validate the transactions.

This means blockchain technology is:


all transactions are logged in an open, decentralized ledger. The network does not depend on a central party to function making it highly reliable.


records of transactions, from money, goods and property to voting, can’t be changed afterwards.


the blockchain technology keeps track of all records and transactions in a distributed list. All participants in the network can validate whether the ledger is correct. This makes fraud impossible.

Here’s a couple of examples of how blockchain technology has helped business across industries.

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Content creators can claim copyright on their digital content such as texts, music, video and more, and reduce piracy.

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Students and academics can easily verify their digital academic credentials, and prevent fraud.

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In the insurance industry, disputes can be reduced thanks to the transparency of shared data.

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Smart contracts are widely available to a vast range of people and businesses, from validation of payment and benefits processes in Human Resources to compensation of artists and legal proceedings in the Media business.

What about you? Can blockchain technology help you too?

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ACA unleashes the full potential of blockchains on your business.

We make the blockchain technology tangible for you and your employees, by explaining what it means to your business.
We focus on creating business value for your organization, whether blockchain is or isn’t the right solution for you.
We validate whether you have a feasible business idea for your business through workshops for you and your team.

Unleash the power of blockchains on my business

ACA Blockchain

Our services

ACA IT-Solutions is a team of passionate experts, ready to help you improve your business with blockchain technology solutions. Our services cover the full spectrum of benefits you can get from blockchain technology.

ACA Blockchain
Workshop: understanding the potential of blockchains

Workshop: understanding the potential of blockchains

In a workshop, we demystify blockchain technology and make you understand its true potential for your organization. How can you apply blockchain technology to grow and improve your business?

The workshop combines training with a Gamestorming session, a technique in which you achieve a goal by way of game. The workshop lets you discover the blockchain technology opportunities for your business yourself.

5 day workshop: is there value in your blockchains idea?

5 day workshop: is there value in your blockchain idea?

By validating a blockchain technology idea for your business during a 5-day workshop called Product Design Sprint, we help you solve a specific problem or question. With the design sprint technique you discover if your blockchain technology idea has true business value for your organization. This Product Design Sprint is ideal after having followed our workshop about discovering the blockchain technology opportunities for your business.

Let’s build or coach your blockchain technology solution

Let’s build or coach your blockchain technology solution

Let us help your team succeed in building the right blockchain technology solution, or let us build a secure and future-proof solution for you. Our offering includes:

Custom-built projects, from inception to building, deploying and support
Analysis of your current blockchain technology solution

Analysis of your current blockchain technology solution

By analyzing your blockchain technology infrastructure and smart contracts based on our best practices, we help you improve your current solution. Our audit gives you insight in what’s running smoothly and what’s worth improving.

Investment in your blockchain technology initiative

Investment in your blockchain technology initiative

By investing in blockchain technology initiatives, we want to support the technology even further. Do you have an interesting idea for a blockchain? Let us know. We are more than happy to hear you out and maybe even invest in your concept!

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