Revolutionize your business operations through real-time

VANTIQ is the world’s only agile event-driven application development platform

Quickly develop innovative applications with less lines of code

The VANTIQ platform allows you to create event-driven applications at the speed of light without sacrificing quality. It also enables you to use modern technologies such as IoT, AI, edge computing, AR and more that are already integrated into the platform.

Thanks to VANTIQ’s low-code platform, you can create innovative applications in less time and with less lines of code. Interested in discovering the specifics of low-code? Visit our low-code page here.

Event-driven, real-time applications with much less development work

Quickly create and show applications and working POCs without having to deal with underlying complexity

Experience ready-to-use innovative technologies such as facial recognition, machine learning and more

Use cases

Wide usability in a multitude of industries and business processes

Smart cities

Create systems to monitor urban situations and coordinate complex actions in real time.

Safety & security

Recognize and act on threats as soon as they occur.

(Environmental) monitoring

Rapidly analyze and respond to (environmental) situations.

Asset tracking

Manage the location, status and liabilities of diverse assets.

Fleet management

Locate, route and monitor vehicles with real time operational intelligence.

Field service

Detect and deal with maintenance issues before problems occur, identify and assign the appropriate personnel, and oversee issue resolution in real time.

Logistics & supply chain

Use real-time tracking to locate materials and identify delays before they lead to disruptions.

Customer management

Provide a seamless customer experience through real-time reactions from service management agents and AI systems such as chatbots.

Smart manufacturing

Employ human-machine collaboration to drive smart manufacturing and increase production speed and quality.

Application integration

Combine legacy systems, databases, cloud services and APIs to create data pipeline driven by real-time events.

See VANTIQ’s low-code, event-driven platform in action

An image says more than 1000 words and a video says more than 1000 images.

Watch the video to see how energy producer Total uses VANTIQ to power its TADI initiative to save lives and increase the operational efficiency of the Oil & Gas industry.
Hungry for more? Watch other use cases.

Why choose VANTIQ?

Real-time and event-driven

Real-time and event-driven

Use event-driven applications to sense, analyze and act on critical situations in real time using VANTIQ’s Digital Twin technology.

Real-time and event-driven

Innovative technologies at your fingertips

Build, integrate and expand your business innovation with rapid integration of new technologies, without the need for complex integration and coding.

Real-time and event-driven

Unparalleled man-machine collaboration

Optimize the effectiveness of your people with powerful human-to-machine collaboration.

Without VANTIQ


Multiple tools and platforms
Single platform
Large team of gurus
Small team of developers
1000s of lines of code
Low- or no-code
Months or years to build
Days or weeks to build
Complex, lengthy deployment
Easy, continiuous deployment
Not sure yet? Watch the video for a quick rundown of VANTIQ’s capabilities!

How VANTIQ trumps its competitors

VANTIQ has jumped ahead of all current players in the market with about a 2½ year head start. VANTIQ enables applications to be built that are far more advanced to meet today’s major business challenges by building true event-driven, real-time applications. It is currently the only platform that enables companies to rapidly and easily digitize their business through real-time.

VANTIQ whitepaper

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