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ACA IT-Solutions factory visit

You want to know how it feels to be working with ACA?

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We will explain our software building process, talk about our culture and our agile methodology. But more importantly, we will answer your questions.

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You can even walk around and ask questions to anyone in our office. We don’t have any secrets!

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Why we stand out from other IT companies?

Today’s standards are our starting point. ACA IT-Solutions goes the extra mile for its team & all of its clients. We want to inspire.

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Next Generation Agile

We believe in incremental & pragmatic change throughout our entire organization.

Cross-pod collaboration

Our podular approach allows us to not only focus on different expertises, but also to combine them.

Work hard, play hard!

We encourage a collaborative, open office workspace with room for entertainment & personality.

A culture of appreciation is key

At ACA IT-Solutions, you are at risk of being truly appreciated!

Innovation is the future

We embrace change and break new ground for the future.

Quality as our focus

Our continuous focus on quality is a key driver for our growth.

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We are constantly looking for gifted people to join our team.

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