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Wolters Kluwer Transport Services is part of Wolters Kluwer and the only provider of “on demand” transport management software and services (TMSS) equally catering for all the transport and logistics professionals.


Our customer, Wolters Kluwer, was looking for a partner that could help them with a:

  • technical screening of their existing team
  • technical screening of new employees


We were able to offer Wolters Kluwer a unique set of our very own screening tools to:

  • evaluate technical skills
  • gain employee insights, with team composition in mind

The IT MATCH team offers services to screen soft & technical skills of employees and can conduct a profile screening, based on the Insights Discovery Wheel. The screening services are based on years of expertise from mother company ACA IT-Solutions (ACA), where they are used for internal employees. IT MATCH & ACA IT-Solutions have developed their very own set of screening tools, which can be used within every company and every situation. We make sure to continuously improve our screening tools & methods, so we can offer our clients:

  • an advanced personal approach
  • flexibility to all customer needs
  • experienced technical experts
  • a close follow-up

The IT MATCH team

IT MATCH, experts in outsourcing & consultancy, can not only help you find the perfect IT professional.
We offer a wide range of HR consulting & outsourcing services, including training & evaluation of employees.

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Technical screenings – Wolters Kluwer