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Want to visit musea like a king?

Great news for avid museum-goers and casuals alike! With the museum pass, anyone is able to visit any participating museums across Belgium for a whole year for just 50 euros, al long and as often as they like.

The museum pass’s goal is to significantly increase the number of museum visitors. And that goal seems to be achieved: during the presale, all 6000 museum passes were sold in less than 3 days. One of the lucky owners is king Filip who received the first 6 passes for him, the queen and his family.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, a lot of work needed to be done to make the museum pass into a reality:

  • orders for museum passes needed to be managed,
  • making sure passes could be registered,
  • ensuring online activation,
  • building a mobile app with which museums can directly connect to the system, …

And these are just a few things ACA realized in the museum pass project.

First iteration after only 10 weeks

We delivered the first iteration of the system after only 10 weeks. This way, we could quickly gather a lot of valuable feedback from the museums. This first iteration consisted of most of the core features museums really needed, such as registering museum visits, looking up pass owners, managing users and more.


Never lose sight of quality

The official launch was planned for 20 September 2018 and was a fixed deadline. No problem: we delivered the project amply within the time constraint. We even had 20 man days left before the deadline of 20 September and added extra functionality and features within the same budget.

The museum pass system received over 35000 visitors during launch weekend

Despite the high development velocity, we never lost sight of our goal of delivering a high quality product. The system received over 35,000 visitors without any hiccups or problems in the first few days after the launch. During the on-call period in the weekend of the launch, we did not have to give support once.

  • First iteration delivered after 10 weeks
  • Delivered within time and amply within budget
  • Over 35,000 visitors received without issues

Museum pass – publiq



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