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Click & Bike, a start-up with fresh ideas

“As a young start-up, we want to develop smart solutions for electric bicycles, to stimulate and to ease the use of e-bikes in a variety of contexts,” Cédric Langer, founder of Click & Bike N.V., says.

Click & Bike app by ACA IT-Solutions

The KINGO SmartBike: the most comfortable way to discover an area

“KINGO ‘The Royal Way to Explore’ is a smart solution specifically developed for the touristic bicycle rental market. The approach was to offer tourists the most comfortable way to discover an area by bike and to generate benefits for the provider at the same time,” Wolfgang Winter, IT Product Manager of KINGO, adds.

Click & Bike app by ACA IT-Solutions

Not your regular e-bike

The KINGO SmartBike is a connected e-bike equipped with a 10 inch cockpit that operates as a true bicycle board computer. It displays real-time telemetric bike data, such as speed, battery percentage and distance, and has a high-end bicycle navigation system. This cockpit also runs the KINGO Explore App, developed with ACA Mobile.

Click & Bike app by ACA IT-Solutions

The KINGO App: ‘The Royal Way to Explore’

The KINGO Explore App itself offers an on-board digital touristic cycle map with three different navigation options. In the ‘Discover the region’ modus, tourists can freely explore the region. The map on screen shows the cycle networks and touristic highlights of the region. Together with the ‘Search by address’ option, the cyclist is in full charge to adapt his journey at any given moment. Finally, predefined routes with points of interests to visit offer tourists full guidance for their trip.

The benefits of the KINGO smart solution:

  • Tourists can explore a new area without preparation or worries.
  • The touristic sector attracts more customers.
  • The touristic promotors get insight in the behavior of bicycle tourists and ground for optimizing bicycle products.
  • The KINGO cockpit technology can serve as input for smart solutions for other sectors.
Click & Bike app by ACA IT-Solutions

Why KINGO wanted to work together with ACA Mobile?

“While looking for a suitable software partner, Click & Bike came across ACA Mobile. There were several reasons why ACA Mobile convinced us of a collaboration. First of all, they were very enthusiastic about our KINGO project. The team also showed a professional attitude towards our status as a start-up,” Cédric Langer emphasizes. “But even more important, their agile approach with story mapping gave us the opportunity to determine a minimum content and elaborated requirements for the first release. By using sprints and scrum, ACA Mobile provided the necessary flexibility and kept the project moving along.”

  • A quick time-to-market
  • An Agile approach
  • Professional & flexible work environment
  • Profound knowledge of Mobile Software Solutions

Technology stack

  • Android: Mobile OS
  • Gradle Build Tool: Build automation tool
  • Mapbox: Open source mapping platform for custom designed maps
  • SonarQube: Open source platform for continuous code quality
  • Bitbucket Server: Pull requests with code reviews
  • Kiosk Modus: Outsiders are unable to turn off the app
  • Crashlytics and Answers – proactive notifications in case of crashes/errors

Kingo SmartBike – Click & Bike



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