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For the past year and a half, Gerrie has been contributing to a large software project for the Jessa hospital in Hasselt as a freelance project manager and analyst at ACA IT-Solutions. Since he has quite some freelance experience, we decided to ask him about his relationship with IT MATCH (specialized in outsourcing, consultancy and selection).

Life as a freelancer

Being a freelancer has its advantages, but sometimes there may be a few obstacles. “I have been a freelancer for 13 years, but during previous assignments I barely ever saw my contract arranger. Except when I needed to sign something …” Gerrie Kimpen says.

ACA IT-Solutions and IT MATCH

“I got to know IT MATCH during a previous assignment for a client. In 2015, ACA won the service contract for Java services there. At that time, the other freelancers and I were still working via another outsourcing company,” Gerrie says. “The ACA employees and I got along very well and every time an ACA event was organized, I was there.

That way, I came into contact with Melissa, the business development manager of IT MATCH.”

IT MATCH is a sister company of ACA IT-Solutions, specialized in outsourcing, consultancy and selection. The IT MATCH team looks for the right IT professionals for companies and helps them to get a permanent job or a freelance project. Additionally, they offer advice on staffing, training, coaching and evaluations.

Personal approach

Their personal approach and long-term relationships are some of the strong points of IT MATCH. “When I started at ACA IT-Solutions as a freelancer, it was the first time I got so involved with an organization. As an external proxy, I barely noticed any difference with the employees working on projects,” Gerrie confirms.

“The approach of IT MATCH is so much more personal and the follow-up is a lot better, which facilitates the practical side of things as well. I still have regular follow-up interviews. The IT MATCH staff members are also easily available whenever I have an urgent question.”


Developing talents

IT MATCH’s personal approach ensures that IT professionals are able to continuously develop their talents and grow within -and outside of- their role.

Gerrie has noticed this as well: “For an assignment for a previous client, I fulfilled a more technical role as a team lead and architect. When I transferred to ACA, the content of my assignment changed drastically and I stepped into the role of project manager and analyst. Thanks to IT MATCH, I get the chance to grow further in this role. They really think along with me.”

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Freelance experience at IT MATCH