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Olympus is a B2B platform offering flexible and efficient mobility packages to businesses of all sizes. Employees and clients of affiliated companies are able to combine different transport solutions to reach their destination on time and without the stress of traffic jams. Through a mobile application they can ensure a seamless connection between

  • private transport,
  • public transport (train, bus, subway, …)
  • and shared vehicles (car, bike, …).

An Olympus client only pays for the transportation services its employees and customers actually used.


There are 2 reasons why Olympus is the perfect fit for a cloud infrastructure: their need for an approach to scale together with their success and the peaks in daily commutes.

Olympus already owned a cloud infrastructure to support their mobile applications and website. However, they wanted OpsKlaar to conduct an audit to discover potential improvements to the system. We were able to convince the mobility provider to step into our project by

  • clearly communicating about the necessary actions,
  • discussing priorities together
  • and respecting the previous decisions of Olympus.


OpsKlaar provided state-of-the-art technology, running on Amazon Web Services, that will leave Olympus’ competition behind.

During the project, OpsKlaar could employ several parts of its offering:

  • Optimization of the infrastructure: eg. HAProxy instead of nginx & better login through Amazon CloudWatch
  • Managed cloud: keeping the cloud infrastructure and delivery pipeline for continuous delivery operational
  • Cloud security: employing security best practices for a highly-secure environment (eg. database encryption)

As a partner, OpsKlaar supports Olympus’ wishes and approach with regard to software development. We carry out the optimizations and think along with Olympus about new ideas. The collaboration with OpsKlaar resulted into many advantages for our client:

  • high availability with the necessary uptime (24/7) and support for the SLA’s
  • cost optimization & process improvement
  • high scalability and quick functional expandability because of a microservice architecture
  • pro-active monitoring of the environments and proceedings to prevent issues
  • acting quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime in case of problems
  • advice and monitoring of the best practices surrounding AWS, security, performance, …

Cloud optimization – Olympus



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