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SalesCre8 CarCheck app by ACA IT-Solutions

Remote vehicle appraisals

Many customers of SalesCre8 — including well-known brands, such as BMW, MINI, Hyundai and Suzuki — conduct vehicle appraisals across Europe. As a result, employees needed to travel great distances to assess vehicles in person. This is rather expensive and time-consuming.

To reduce the coordination overhead and service costs to a minimum, SalesCre8 started looking for an innovative solution to:

  • draft remote vehicle appraisals,
  • decrease operational overhead,
  • reduce paperwork to a minimum
  • and maximize the quality of appraisals.

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A high-quality, flexible mobile solution

CarCheck / CarAppraisal App

The solution that ACA Mobile and SalesCre8 came up with is the CarCheck / CarAppraisal iPad or tablet app. It allows users to perform the assessment of damages step-by-step, instructing them to take and attach photos during the process. The data is sent directly to SalesCre8’s SAM (Software for Automotive Management) platform. Here, the customer’s inspection experts make real-time appraisals and estimate repair costs remotely.

SalesCre8 CarCheck app by ACA IT-Solutions
SalesCre8 CarCheck app by ACA IT-Solutions

The benefits of the CarCheck / CarAppraisal App?

  • Consistent and guaranteed data gathering
  • Guidance for employees through remote assessments
  • Remote appraisal service, available worldwide

Find out even more about the CarCheck App

SalesCre8 CarCheck app by ACA IT-Solutions
SalesCre8 CarCheck app by ACA IT-Solutions

Benefits of Appcelerator use

The ACA Mobile team used Appcelerator as a platform for this project. This allowed them to easily reuse building blocks from their previous project (iPhone application) and use them for the new solution (iPad application).

Appcelerator App Preview
Allows test users to download and install new applications faster and easier.
Reduced time to develop new mobile apps
Increases the velocity of development while decreasing the costs.
Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Recycle modules and to reuse code across different mobile platforms.
Fully-native mobile app
A mobile app in one language, but deployable across multiple platforms.
High-quality, high-performing apps
The platform includes full test automation to decrease testing time and improve app quality.
Built-in Appcelerator Analytics
Detect and fix errors before entering a critical stage, lifecycle dashboard with a comprehensive real-time view.

Technology stack

Appcelerator Titanium
Hypermedia API
Google Analytics

CarCheck – SalesCre8



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