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What is a podular organization?

ACA IT-Solutions has become a podular organization in 2015. This means that our business units (called pods) now function as autonomous companies within a more coherent organization (ACA IT-Solutions). We strive for the optimization of all the individual pods, but their development needs to contribute to the growth of the company as a whole. Each pod has its own goals, but they have to fit within the ambition of the entire organization. Our core values and the autonomy within certain boundaries are what keeps us connected. Take a closer look at our pods!

ACA IT-Solutions Podular Approach

Pods? What are they?

Pods are autonomous business units of different sizes that have the ability to function independently from the other pods. They have the autonomy to make their own decisions and they can offer their own products and services to customers. The pods just have to make sure that their interests don’t conflict with the stakes of other pods and the whole organization. A podular structure is therefore interesting for the pods, because they can further specialize in their domain and only have to deal with their key competences.

A special internal pod is the SO (Support Organization) that does exactly what its title says. They support the pods by providing a basis for general knowledge about HR, finance, marketing, sales, … It’s the job of the SO to make life easier for the pods, so they can focus on their core business. Therefore, it’s only normal that a new pod receives more support than a pod that has experience with working as an autonomous business unit.

Why did we choose the podular approach?

In 2015, ACA IT-Solutions decided to turn into a podular organization. Because of our two digits growth during about 5 years, we needed a new company structure to support our agile and lean practices and our self-driving teams. The podular structure of Dave Gray perfectly fit our needs. It allowed us to keep both the well-being of the entire organization and the welfare of the individual pods in mind.

The advantages of pods

Specialized expertise

Since each of our pods is specialized in a specific IT domain, our people can be experts in their domain and we can help our clients with in-depth knowledge.

High-quality solutions

Pods working for and with each other will lead to software solutions with a higher quality and added value for you.


A podular organization allows its pods to be flexible and fast about their work: no more delay because of decisions from higher up.


The podular structure gives pods the opportunity to focus on and innovate within their core business domain.

More autonomy

Pods can make autonomous decisions about their specialty, but are linked by the culture and values of ACA IT-Solutions.

Our next step: Holacracy

At the moment, we are exploring the possibility of Holacracy within ACA IT-Solutions. This model focuses on the specific roles and responsibilities of employees to structure an organization. We have already started our first tests with Holacracy and will decide in the near future if this innovative model will be the future of our organization.