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How to describe our history in just a few sentences? Well, let’s start at the beginning.

The precursor of ACA IT-Solutions was founded in 1989. Almost 10 years later, our CEO Ronny Ruyters joined the company and moved headquarters to Hasselt. After a management buyout, Ronny became the major shareholder of the organization and Stijn Van den Enden soon joined him.

In the beginning, ACA IT-Solutions mainly focused on Java consultancy and started implementing projects in an Agile manner. The expansion of our company was a logical result: our offerings increased, our team grew and we spread out over multiple locations throughout Belgium (Hasselt, Brussels, Olen and Ghent). During the years, we also conducted 2 takeovers of other companies (Qina (e-Vision, 2007) and Jintech (2014)).

2015 was a major turning point for us, because it is the year that we turned into a podular organization. Our business units became autonomous companies (or pods) of different sizes within the overall structure of ACA IT-Solutions. Currently we have 6 pods that are specialized in their own IT domain.

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Our podular approach to better solve your IT needs

ACA IT-Solutions is a podular organization that consists of 6 pods (business units). These units function as autonomous companies with their own specialty, yet remain connected to the whole by pursuing the same goal. Our clients can call upon the expertise of an individual pod or combine the expertise of multiple business units.

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