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Next Generation Agile: more than just Agile

Next Generation Agile for software development combines the best practices of several methodologies, such as Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum and XP. This approach allows us to deliver better solutions faster: optimized processes for us, added value for you and the ability to deal with changing requirements for both of us.

How do we put Next Generation Agile into practice?


We live it: methodology

At ACA IT-Solutions, our methods and practices are entirely focused on Next Generation Agile – a combination of Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum and XP:

  • Continuous improvement: reducing TCO by optimizing processes and limiting overhead.
  • Kanban boards: a clear overview of any project on our office walls.
  • Scrum meetings: our daily, stand-up meetings support continuous improvement.
  • Pair programming: 2 pairs of eyes will make less mistakes.
  • Test-driven development: all code needs to pass the tests written in advance.
  • Incremental & iterative cycles: multiple releases of small MVPs.
  • Prince2: steering committees for flexibly managing and organizing projects.



We work with it: modular platforms

Do you want to give your project a head start? ACA IT-Solutions provides this advantage through generic modules that are constantly improved and expanded. We reuse building blocks for multiple clients and can cleanly integrate them in new projects or product upgrades.

The advantage of modular platforms is that we can immediately start building functionalities instead of organizing the basics first. This way, we create even more added value for your customized software solution!

How do our pods work modular? Here are some examples:

  • ACA Mobile has built both visual and functional modules to give their mobile applications a quick start:
    • A car appraisal module for both an iPhone and iPad app (cross-device modules)
    • Login screens (cross-project modules)
  • Amplifly uses numerous modules or add-ons to improve and extend the Atlassian product stack:
    • Tempo Timesheets for JIRA
    • Insight – Asset Management for JIRA
  • COIN has several modules to optimize their content and information solutions:
    • A modular testing framework to guarantee quality
    • Modules for automatically generating some standard pages on a new platform
  • Collectiv developed its own modular platform to build customized Java software solutions from scratch.
  • CLOUD employs the components of the AWS platform to make cloud solutions that are fit for purpose.



We use it: customizable project management

At ACA IT-Solutions, we don’t work with the traditional (excel) sheets to follow up on your project, to control budgets & register worked hours and to track issues. We use dashboards that can be customized for every project. The Atlassian product stack gives our project managers the opportunity to truly deal with the content of a project, instead of the administration surrounding it.



We are it completely: the Agile company

Next Generation Agile isn’t just a way of working for us, it’s part of our DNA. We don’t have an Agile department, but our entire company is Agile. All pods (business units) of ACA IT-Solutions use the same Agile methods and principles, thus improving the collaboration between our teams.



We educate it: Agile coaching

If you are interested into our Next Generation Agile methodology, ACA IT-Solutions is able to provide training for you. We offer coaching for small and large groups to make teams work more efficiently, while using an Agile methodology.


Agile @ ACA IT-Solutions


The Next Generation Agile advantages for you?



Changing business requirements don’t scare us. On the contrary, we embrace change with our Next Generation Agile mentality. A combination of sprint planning, Scrum meetings and incremental work ensures that we have short release times. And after every release, we prioritize your new features together.



Because of the involvement we ask from our customers, we are in constant contact with you. We encourage the visibility of our progress within the project through TrackIT. This tracking & reporting system gives you an overview of the invested time and money and allows us to monitor the progress of your project.



High-quality code and software are of the utmost importance to us. We constantly improve ourselves and our processes to deliver the best quality to you as fast as possible. Our best practices for Agile, Scrum and Kanban are numerous, but maybe we can explain them to you during a factory visit at our office?



We are open towards new ideas, knowledge and technologies. We do everything within our possibilities to develop innovative and customized solutions for you. We aren’t happy until we have created added value for your business.



Through techniques like story mapping, we are able to quickly develop a first Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that’s ready for production. Afterwards, your feedback helps us elaborate on the first, working version of your software solution.