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Our mission & business idea

Our mission allows us to focus on and embrace quality as a key value within the entire company. With a team of motivated and dedicated experts we make sure that our offices are brimming with passion for IT and customer satisfaction.

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This mission is why we are known in the market for honest and high-quality consultancy, implementation and integration of custom software solutions. We work relentlessly to achieve the highest customer value with solutions that are built on future-proof technology. We don’t hesitate to break new ground for innovation.

The right solution at the right time

Our team can offer the right solution at the right time. That’s why we developed an extensive expertise in different technologies and program languages like Java, Low Code and Python.

We can’t help it. It’s in our DNA!

ACA IT-Solutions is committed to creating a professional & motivating workspace. A place where teamwork, openness to new ideas, information sharing and peer recognition are important values. We believe that our open and transparent culture enables us to attract people that have a great sense of excellence and professional pride in their job. We work hard everyday, but we have fun while doing it.


Our kudos program

ACA IT-Solutions has a great kudos program to show appreciation to colleagues. Through Bonusly our team members can thank each other for both small and large achievements inside and outside of the office!

How we give each other a pat on the back


ACA team weekend

Every year, the entire ACA team travels to a unique location and spends an entire weekend together! Quite the adventure seen the weekend is filled with adventurous games, delicious foods, inspiring drinks and some surprising challenges.

At ACA IT-Solutions you are at risk of being truly appreciated!
Yentl Meulemans, ACA IT Solutions Human Resources

Our awesome partners

Working with technology right on the bleeding edge requires expert knowledge. Supporting mission critical systems and applications for our customers means we need to work closely together with and rely on our partners.