ACA IT-Solutions contributes to a realtime database that accelerates contact tracing

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16 July 2020 by Shari Paret ACA

The federal government is currently working on a renovation of the database to detect people exposed to the coronavirus. By the end of August, the government wants to start working with a real-time database, so that it can monitor infections even faster. Not unimportant in the case of public health!

This database will be continuously updated with information from the labs about corona tests or from the care and prevention staff. There will also be parameters built into the software to detect clusters and super-dispersion in various places. After all, combating these clusters is crucial to prevent the virus from spreading further. The new database should work somewhat like the federal government’s crossroads database. One small change, for example an address, is immediately communicated to all government institutions. 

We are very proud that ACA IT-Solutions is participating in this project. In this way we can also exert a positive influence to be able to master the coronavirus together!