ACA’s 2019 in retrospect

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30 December 2019 by Stijn Schutyser

With the year 2019 almost over, it’s time to look back at some of the things we did these past 365 days.

Awarded projects, new launches and long-term partnership

2019 was a great year for a lot of ongoing projects. Woningpas, an online portal that provides a digital passport for residences and which our Liferay team helped develop, received the prestigious Henry van de Velde Design Award 2020 in the category ‘Digital product’. Later, woningpas also won the e-Gov Award in the category ‘Usability’ and was nominated for the e-Gov Award for ‘Cooperation’ as well (watch the clip here!). In June 2019, we expanded woningpas with Mobiscore, a tool that visualizes the accessibility of (public) services with sustainable transport (e.g. by bike, bus or train).

The museum pass, too, got credit where credit is due. The project, which aims to significantly increase the number of museum visitors, won the Trends Magazine Marketing and Sales Award.

We had reason to celebrate for ourselves, too. You may remember we won the prestigious Ambiorix award in at the end of 2018. In 2019, we got to enjoy our prize to its full extent! We were also invited to the Ambiorix jubilee festivities, marking 30 years of Ambiorix awards and solidifying our place amongst the top 500 companies in Limburg over all those years. Watch the video of the 30 winners of the Ambiorix award over the last 30 years here. A big congratulations to everyone on the impressive list!

In 2019, we also developed Mobile Vikings’ new mobile app. We used the innovative React Native framework to develop the app, which resulted in a native Android and iOS app for Mobile Vikings with much lower development costs. You can read more about development in React Native in this blog post or check out the Mobile Vikings case study here.

Jumping to another area of expertise, we set up an ITSM service desk for over 100 teams at MLOZ (the independent health insurance funds). This modern and integrated service desk, based on Jira Service Desk, is now used for more than 70,000 tickets per year. You can find the case study here.

We also celebrated 10 years of partnership with our client Group IDEWE in 2019. It was incredible to look back and see how both Group IDEWE and ACA have grown together since 2009. So far, we’ve written 8 custom applications for Group IDEWE and helped manage 3 others. Over these past 10 years, we’ve successfully delivered for more than 7.5 million euros in projects to Group IDEWE. Marc Beurms, IT director of Group IDEWE, talks about how he experiences the partnership with ACA in this video.

A greener fleet, improved coaching and new colleagues

It’s been quite a busy year for us internally as well. We took hold of the first ACA Tesla Model 3 in February. By now, 13 more ICE (internal combustion engine) cars in our fleet have been replaced by Tesla’s Model 3, giving us a total of 14 Model 3s in the fleet. Well on our way to have a 99% electric fleet by 2025!

Since we’ve taken on 46 new colleagues in 2019, we’ve also further optimized our coaching framework further in order to better support our team members. The evolution of our team members is now more clearly visible and easier to talk about, and coaches now enjoy an extensive training course.

You might have noticed more ‘ACA ambassadorship’ this year. The recruitment and marketing teams worked together to create an environment in which team members are motivated to be an ACA ambassador. That entails helping us share open positions, sharing project successes in blog posts and generally being proud to be a member of the ACA team.

Lastly, 2019 was the first year in which we enjoyed sitting outside in the sun on our new terrace!

Events, events, events

We’ve organized and attended a lot of events this year. Here’s a short list of the ones we feel we learned the most from:

  • VKW night: more than 60 guests in our office in Hasselt for a night of educational workshops concerning our approach and some of our projects. You can watch a short recap in this clip.
  • Atlassian Summit 2019 in Las Vegas.
  • Atlassian Open 2019: an excellent Atlassian event in Vienna. Read the blog post to discover what we learned! 
  • Team Up 2: our very own Atlassian event and the successor to last year’s incredible Team Up event.
  • KubeCon | CloudNativeCon 2019: we gave a short recap of the event’s lightning talks, keynotes, and insights in this blog post and shared our knowledge with people who were unable to attend at our very own KubeCon afterglow event.

And a healthy (literally!) dose of fun

Of course, we had tons of fun in 2019 as well. In February, we kicked things off with a stunning, Harry Potter-themed New Year’s event in a castle, complete with fire magic, snake whispering and potions. We also celebrated our CEO’s 50th birthday, who treated all of us to a breakfast for the occasion. We didn’t forget about our famous ACA weekend either: this year, the ACA team went to Vlieland for a fun and relaxing three day trip! You can read more about the 2019 ACA weekend in this blog post.

We took care of our health, too! In May, a couple of team members – including our CEO – ran 16, 10, or 5 kilometres in very respectable times at Genk Loopt. In September, we also erected our very own indoor football team. (Click here to challenge us to a friendly game!)

And let’s not forget about seasonal events, such as the ACA Summer Kickoff or when we dressed up for Halloween at the office!

With such an amazing year coming to a close, there is only one thing we’d like to add before the fireworks fill the sky…

Thank you for an incredible 2019,
and see you in 2020!