KubeCon Afterglow event: knowledge-sharing at its best!

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07 June 2019 by Stijn Schutyser OpsKlaar

A few of our colleagues attended KubeCon | CloudNativeCon Europe 2019. You can read a short recap of their adventure here. At ACA, we think it’s important to share as much knowledge as possible.

So, not surprisingly, we wanted to share our experiences and new insights from KubeCon | CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 with people who were interested in the conference, but were unable to attend. We therefore decided to host a KubeCon Afterglow event, which was soon fully booked.

D-Day, KubeCon Afterglow 2019

Thursday June 6, the KubeCon Afterglow event took place. Our colleagues gave it their all with interesting presentations, new insights and some cool stories.   The main topics discussed at the event were:  
  • Cloud innovation
  • The future of cloud native computing
  • Upcoming trends in microservices architecture
  • Technologies: Kubernetes, Prometheus
And the crowd loved it! Well done, guys! And... see you next year?