We went to DDD Europe and took home…

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11 February 2019 by Stijn Schutyser ACA

… Lots of insights and prizes! Our colleagues Robin, Guy, Rowin and Ward recently traveled to Amsterdam to attend the DDD Europe conference, which is a meet-up all about getting better at modelling & designing software for complex domains. They each followed different workshops and then attended the main conference. During the conference, there was a ‘Modelling Challenge’ everyone could participate in. Guess what: we won that modelling challenge!


We didn’t win it all by ourselves, though. Our multi-company team included some freelancers we work with and some people from one of our clients as well. For our joined effort, we were given a handy suitcase that holds everything you need to set up a modelling session: pencils and markers, post-its, pieces of paper, … All in different colors!

Additionally, there was a Sketchnoting contest. Sketchnoting is a technique to make summaries using drawings in a creative way. And guess what, we managed to deliver an outstanding performance here as well! With three of us at the top, we took the prize (a Sketchnote book) home.

All in all, we really enjoyed DDD Europe and we’re proud to say we put ACA on the map!