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13 August 2018 by Yildiray Gunay ACA

On October 9, 2018 ACA IT-Solutions organizes Team up! Enterprise Day, the biggest exclusive event of the year on Atlassian tools in Belgium. With expert speakers and customer cases across different tracks (ITSM, DevOps and Atlassian at scale), we will inspire you to unleash the full potential of your Software, IT and Service Teams running on or considering Atlassian tools.

Team up! Enterprise Day

Why you should come

We live in an age of tremendous speed and complexity. Determining what is the right thing to do and then doing it right is extremely challenging. Even though we work from different locations, everyone and everything is connected and our ability to respond to change has become critical. This requires transparency and a very collaborative approach.

Whether you are part of a software, service or business team, you face the same challenge of making your work visible, your reporting actionable and information accessible. And ideally, you bring all this as close to where the work is happening, at the fingertips of your team members. Regardless of their role or job title, tailored to their needs and in real time.

Team up! Enterprise Day

What you can expect

  • Inspiring customer cases on DevOps, ITSM and Scaling Atlassian.
  • Expert presentations about your DevOps journey and lean service management.
  • An exhibition floor where you can meet several international Atlassian partners in person.
  • Our Genius Bar where you can discuss your process, people or tooling challenge with Atlassian Experts.
  • A relaxed atmosphere where inspiring people, best-of-breed tools and knowledge sharing come together.

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