ACA launches new offering: blockchain!

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16 July 2018 by Dorien Jorissen ACA


Elevate your business with blockchain!

At ACA IT-Solutions, we strongly believe in the potential of blockchains. That’s why we recently launched our new blockchain offering. It’s our goal to help customers create the emerging economic, social and political operating systems of the future. We do this by making the blockchain technology tangible for our clients and focusing on creating business value for their organization.

What is blockchain and why should I care?

Blockchain technology makes secure transactions within a specific network possible without needing a centralized third party. It doesn’t matter if the transaction consists of money, goods, property, votes or personal data. All participants in the network can validate the transactions. This means blockchain is

  • reliable,
  • immutable
  • and secure.


Discover more about blockchain and our offering!

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