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02 July 2018 by Dorien Jorissen ACA


Lost in content?

On September 25, 2018 ACA IT-Solutions organizes Lost in Content, an exclusive event on content. With an inspiring keynote speaker, tangible expert speakers and customer cases divided over 3 different tracks (visionary, monetary, legal), we will give you unique insights into content as a necessary foundation and driver for intelligent business!

Why you should come

The speed of today’s business is reshaping the way we think, communicate and work. The pace of change, demands on your time and amount of knowledge that you have to access and process every day is unprecedented.

Content has never been more important and you must have noticed the huge impact it has on your business. It’s not just about content marketing conversion, CRM paperless office or digital transformation, it’s all about the content revolution.

Why come?

You will learn

  • how to use web psychology to engage customers with online persuasion techniques.
  • how blockchain can service content security and delivery.
  • how to reach your target audience in the most efficient and effective manner.
  • how to verify the accuracy and genuineness of content in an efficient manner.
  • how to empower your content with AI workflows and decision algorithms.
  • how your business can better manage content to comply with standards.
  • to identify the important content from all your data.


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