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20 May 2018 by Stijn Schutyser ACA

As you all know, the deadline for the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is rapidly approaching.
At ACA IT-Solutions, we are fully committed to the privacy and security of your data!

Why the GDPR is so important to us?

We value your trust and take your privacy seriously.

Within marketing, GDPR is often seen as a threat, while we feel it is actually an opportunity to take the domain to a new and higher level. The new legislation will undoubtedly ask a lot of effort from marketers in the coming months, but the final result will definitely be more than worth it. After all, respect and transparency are key aspects within GDPR, which will end the never-ending stream of marketing spam and dubiously built up databases.

The focus shifts to a transparent dialogue with clients and prospects, in which we can only deliver added value in all honesty! Therefore, within marketing we only use your personal data for the purposes that you have given us permission for. We only send you information that is relevant to you as a business profile and customer of our organization. This way, we want to offer you only qualitative content and information.

Our mission statement

Of course, the GDPR does not only have an impact on the marketing or sales domains, but extends beyond that to all domains and aspects within a company. Think for example of HR, infrastructure and development. And even though we are an IT company, we’ve found that GDPR is far from only related to IT, but is in fact connected to the whole business aspect. GDPR is something an organization should embrace and its principles clearly come to fruition in ACA’s core values. To emphasize ACA’s commitment to the GDPR, we have created a GDPR mission statement:

“Faithful to its core values, ACA IT-Solutions continuously strives to be an honest and discrete leader in data privacy protection, treating all personal data in our ecosystem in an ethical, respectful and pragmatic way.”
— Ronny Ruyters, CEO

Our policies

If you are wondering about what happens to your personal data at ACA IT-Solutions, we advise you to read our new legal pageprivacy policy and cookie policy. Here we not only explain to you which data we process, but also why and how we process it.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on if you still have questions about the processing of your personal data afterwards!