Renewed customer portal for Hino!

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19 April 2018 by Dorien Jorissen COIN


ACA IT-Solutions has delivered another successful project. At the end of March the renewed customer portal of Hino, in which Liferay was replaced by a customized Java solution, has successfully gone live.

A migration to Java

Hino has been a customer of ACA IT-Solutions for a long time. Their customer portal was even one of our first Liferay implementations ever. Since their decision on Liferay in 2010, however, the business and functional requirements of Hino have changed, which is normal for an organization. Unfortunately, Liferay doesn’t seem to be the right choice for their needs anymore. Of course, we also help our clients along in these kinds of situation!

Together with Hino, we decided to rewrite their Liferay portal to a pure Java solution. The existing portlets were migrated and integrated into a Spring Boot application. This way, we could reuse a large piece of the initial development in the renewed solution. We expect the Hino platform to be expanded even more in the future with additional functionality!

As usual, the team and customer will be invited for a celebration event by ACA to celebrate the successful delivery of the project in style.


Congratulations to everyone that worked on the project!