Great, new project for ACA: the Woningpas!

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12 March 2018 by Dorien Jorissen COIN


A new digital passport for residences in Flanders

COIN, our business unit with a focus on content and information projects, is very busy at the moment with the development of the Woningpas, a brand new solution for the Flemish Government.

The Woningpas is a means of the government to gather all information about a residence in a single digital passport. This digital platform needs to unite all certificates and known information about houses and buildings. The data are available to both the owner of the residence and other people with the necessary authorization. This way, the Woningpas needs to contribute to a simplified administration for building, rebuilding, renting and selling residences.

In the spring of 2018, COIN will launch the very first version of the Woningpas on this page. In the years to come, they will expand the digital platform even more.

Congratulations with this project, COIN! We’re convinced that you will build a great solution again!


Curious about how ACA and COIN approach this project? More info will follow soon!