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20 December 2017 by Dorien Jorissen ACA

At ACA IT-Solutions, we like to contribute to a sustainable environment. A crucial factor for this is the expansion of an exclusively electric vehicle fleet. In the article below, we explain our entire vision.

Article: ACA orders 22 Teslas at once

IT-company ACA IT-Solutions has invested in eight charging stations for electric vehicles at its headquarters in Hasselt. It’s a first step in the ambition to include only 100% electric vehicles in its vehicle fleet by 2025. The choice for an electric fleet is inspired by the want to contribute to a sustainable environment. The order of 22 new Teslas proves that the management means business.

At the moment, ACA IT-Solutions has about 135 employees that have a company car at their disposal. Some of these vehicles are electrically powered. “Moreover, there are a lot of progressive clients and partners that visit the headquarters of ACA IT-Solutions in Hasselt with an electric vehicle,” CEO Ronny Ruyters explains. “As a service for our staff and visitors, we have invested in 8 new charging stations at our parking. This way, 16 electric vehicles a day can be fully charged. The charging points can be operated with a badge that registers all parameters (who, what, where, when, …).”

Large order Tesla 3
ACA IT-Solutions wants all its vehicles to be electric by 2025. “Let’s keep it on 98%, just for safety,” CEO Ronny Ruyters smiles. “An ambitious goal, but we’ll go for it. We have already reserved 22 new cars of the model Tesla 3. They are supposed to arrive at the end of 2018. These vehicles are competitive with other brands and models given the total cost of ownership.”

“It’s a choice of conviction,” Ronny Ruyters says. “As an organization we have the responsibility to treat Earth with care and to work towards a sustainable future for our planet. Each year our team travels many miles. By driving electrically, we contribute to reducing emissions.”

An additional reason for ACA IT-Solutions is to offer more driving comfort to its employees. “Driving electrically is nice and safe,” Ronny Ruyters further explains. “By offering these vehicles as company cars, we strengthen our position as an attractive employee.”