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17 February 2017 by Dorien Jorissen ACA Mobile

Yesterday, ACA Mobile Developer Yakup Kalin was present at a workshop of HoGent to give a presentation on “Creating Mobile Apps and the F#ck-ups along the way”.

HoGent invited Yakup to submerge the Informatics students in the wonderful world of Mobile App Development. He introduced the development process of mobile applications to the students through real-life examples. Also Appcelerator Titanium, a Mobile App Development Platform (MADP) often used by ACA Mobile, was an important part of the presentation.

Afterwards, Yakup discussed the most common mistakes during a mobile application journey by means of true “f#ck up” stories. Finally, the different options within mobile development (Web, Hybrid, Native) and the way in which choosing a certain option can influence the development process were explained.

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