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20 August 2016 by Dorien Jorissen ACA

ACA IT-Solutions as a podular company

In companies where employees are the most important asset, a well thought organizational structure is essential to enable further growth. As one of the first IT companies in our country, ACA IT-Solutions has set out a new internal organization, where employees are given full responsibility to develop their specializations. The Connected Company of Dave Grayis the model by which ACA operates.

The Connected Company is a theory of business strategy, that was coined by Dave Gray, an entrepreneur and consultant, who has assisted numerous multinational companies in their growth. Based on his experiences, he has drawn a structure that can be used in all dynamic organizations.”The core of the story is that, despite the strong growth, a SME can continue with a friendly atmosphere and the familial DNA of a genuine company,” says Ronny Ruyters, CEO of ACA-IT Solutions. “Our people have always felt at home here in a flat, open structure with a low threshold. Continuing on this path, in combination with the ambitious plans of the company is not easy. Hence the choice of the approach mentioned by Dave Gray’s Connected Company.”

A podular company

It comes down to it that ACA IT-Solutions is divided into a number of entities, called pods.”The teams of each pod are based on the specializations and interests of each employee,” explains Ronny Ruyters.”Every member of the team has a role (with responsibilites) that fits him or her like a glove. You simply can not all excel in marketing, leadership, financial data, and so on.” The pods work both for external customers and other departments within ACA IT-Solutions. ” In this way, each pod is in fact a separate company,” knows the CEO. “Admittedly, with the major difference that the result of the company is much more important than the figures of each separate entity. Because the pods depend on each other, the performance is focused on the objectives of the bigger picture.”


At ACA IT-Solutions we strongly believe in the strategy of a connected company, because employees continue to operate in small teams, get a lot of responsibility, perform tasks they like doing and yet they operate in in terms of the whole company. “We are already noticing that our employees appreciate this method,” says Ronny Ruyters. “It is also a strong basis to further expand our organization. The concept is scalable to a doubling of the number of staff we prepare for at the end of 2019. By that time, we want to evolve into a company with 300 employees. Even then, ACA IT-Solutions should still be the company that is widely regarded as a fine employer, where professionalism and ambition go hand in hand with an excellent working environment and opportunity for personal development.”