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Our podular approach to better solve your IT needs

ACA IT-Solutions is a podular organization that consists of 6 pods (business units). These units function as autonomous companies with their own IT specialty, yet remain connected to the whole by pursuing the same goal. Our clients can call upon the expertise of an individual pod or combine the knowledge of multiple business units.

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ACA Solutions
ACA Culture

Why do we stand out from other IT companies?

Today's standards are our starting point. ACA IT-Solutions goes the extra mile for its team & all of its clients. We want to inspire.

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Lean & Agile

We believe in incremental and pragmatic changes throughout our whole company.

Cross-pod collaboration

Our podular approach encourages expertises within the different pods as well as a coherent combination of all of these expertises.

Work hard, play hard!

ACA values its transparant culture with open and honest communication, open office spaces and room for personality and recreation.

A culture of appreciation

At ACA IT-Solutions, you are at risk of being truly appreciated! Showing appreciation is encouraged through our special Bonusly program.

Innovation is the future

We embrace change and know that it's crucial to invest in innovation.

Quality is priority

Our continuous focus on quality is the key to our future growth.