Our Team Values

ACA IT-Solutions embraces team spirit, teamwork and agile management. We have a unique approach and we like to expand our team with people who have the same values as ourselves.

Continuous Process improvement

ACA provides a framework and a culture for process owners, teams and individual employees to continuously improve processes. Every employee is able to have an impact on his or her daily work.

No Waste

Wasteful activities (are activities that add no value to the customer or to ACA) must be avoided. Our employees can openly communicate their thoughts when a task within their process adds no value. Every process is subject to further optimization (reducing the process variability).

Self-organizing teams

The team organizes the work according to the agreed processes and policies. Teams have a cross-functional responsibility for commercial pre-sales activities, resource planning and allocation, work estimations, fine-tuning of adopted teams best practices, etc.

Clear assignments - only by volunteering

Tasks can only start when the expected result and boundaries are crystal clear. Additionally, the employee considers whether (s)he possesses the necessary skills to achieve the expected result.

Individual and collective ownership

If an employee/team agrees on an assignment, they take full responsibility for achieving the expected result. When help is needed, they take the initiative to call for help and ask the appropriate colleague to help them to address the problem.

Call for help

Caller and helper together figure out benefits and concerns of alternative solutions, choose the appropriate path and elaborate on it. When sufficient comfort is achieved, the caller will continue solo.

Information radiation

ACA provides tools, platforms and training to efficiently share relevant information. Knowledge intake should be highly effective.

Fun building

ACA is committed to create a professionally motivating workspace. People can collaborate as a team and raised concerns are appreciated. Our employees take part in fun activities like team events and incentive weekends.

The ACA Team

ACA IT-Solutions is a fast growing and exciting work environment. We work hard everyday to create quality software solutions that are reliable, pragmatic and functional. But we have fun while we do it!

Interested in a career with ACA IT-Solutions? Get in touch! E-mail us at jobs@aca-it.be.


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