Tracking and Reporting

How would you like your elephant, sir? One bite at a time?

Atlassian PartnerClassic software development projects struggle hard with the ability to deliver within expected time and budget constraints. How do you get accurate predictions in software development? Wouldn't it be nice to monitor the progress on your project and to keep your team on track?

Atlassian Belgium User GroupACA IT-Solutions provides an integrated reporting environment for software development teams and their managers.

Daily Update
At the end of the day, every team member registers just 2 parameters for every item worked on:

  • How many hours did I work on this item?
  • How many hours do I still need to work on this item to complete it?

Based on these two numbers, the system will automatically show the current state of progress.

Time Tracking & Reporting
Effective reports allow you to do more accurate predictions on the total remaining effort. Monitor how much time is spent on a specific task, when, by whom and how many time is still needed to complete the task. Time tracking reports show at a glance the project's current status and any deviation from original time estimates.

Instant Benefits
Have your reporting environment set up today and instantly benefit from the following possibilities:

  • Allows you to do more accurate predictions on the total remaining effort
  • Allows you to monitor the progress on your projects real-time
  • Allows you to keep your team focused and on track

Contact ACA IT-Solutions for more info or to receive an overview of our pricing at +32 (0)11 26.50.10 or

This presention  (in Dutch) about Metrics was made by Christopher Verhulst for the occasion of 12,5 years as agile organization at ACA. The Metrix Reloaded, focuses on how to handle projects more effectively with concise reporting and on demand information.


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