Thumbs up if you see this Tesla chasing by! It's one of our employees who received a big kudos for a job well done.

ACA is committed to create a professionally motivating workspace. A workspace where teamwork, openness to new ideas, information sharing and peer recognition are important values. We believe that our open and transparent culture enables us to attract people that have a great sense of excellence and professional pride in their job. We work hard everyday, but we have fun while doing it, and we give back.

ACA launched its kudos program, a way of saying "thank you"

ACA Premium KodusAny ACA employee can give their workmates a "pat on the back" kudos for a job well done without management approval. Nominees may then receive a bottle of champagne, an iTunes voucher or a more personalized gift.

A big kudos is a nomination from a colleague who feels that a person has exemplified ACA's values and done an outstanding job. A big kudos does require management approval to ensure company-wide recognition for exceptional performance. Isn't it awesome to drive a Tesla an entire weekend?

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