ACA as a podular organization

ACA has recently chosen to evolve as a company in a podular organization. Within this structure, functional units (pods) operate as autonomous companies within a coherent organization (ACA). Each pod is a standalone unit that can operate independent of other units, yet remain connected to the whole by pursuing the same goal. 

Our ACA pods: Collectiv Software Factory, Mobile Solutions, COIN Document Management, IT MATCH: Your IT Matchmaker, COIN Enterprise Content Solutions, Cloud Servers & Services, Atlassian Solutions. 

Agile Project Approach

You will hear from us ... not only at the finish, but every 100 meters

Tracking & Reporting

How would you like your elephant, sir? One bite at a time?

Software Factory

We are always on standby for a flying start

Our work

We love to see our most skeptical prospects turning out to be our biggest fans

When we explain our software development practices, we usually find a lot of discomfort. Most of our prospects are afraid to let go of traditional patterns and the way "we work around here". However, once we make 'quality' and 'added value' tangible early on the project, doubts and discomfort make room for enthusiasm and convinced commitment.