Software Factory

We are always on standby for a flying start

The software factory is ACA IT-Solutions' model for further improving software quality while giving our customers even better conditions.

Optimal Project Staffing
Today, many service organizations and their customers experience, without knowing, the consequences of scarcity of subject matter experts and dispersed teams. The idea is to bring these subject matter experts back together in 'factories'. Every factory is an entity of team members [developers, project managers, business analysts and architects] built around a specific solution domain [Identity Management, Content Management, etc].

Faster Time to Market
Time to market is reduced to an absolute minimum as the software factory is able to deliver functional software within two weeks after the kickoff of a project, on the basis of a solid architecture and using methods that have proven their efficiency.

You could say that we are always on standby for a flying start.

  • Our team can deliver added value to the business in no time
  • Several projects can be dealt with simultaneously
  • The architectural blueprint is ready
  • The team size is dynamically adjusted to your project requirements
  • The configuration and release management mechanisms are fully operational


Better conditions
We do not offshore to lower costs, we lower costs by optimizing the process, by limiting the overhead and improving overall quality, hereby reducing your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Customer Quote

"At first, we were sceptical about the remote factory model of ACA, but now we really value the fact that this model enables us to hire expert capacity without creating a direct dependency on any individual consultant. They frequently deliver progressive functionality."

Nicolas Gatti, Bank Degroof at Liferay Roadshow 2011.

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