Our core values reflect what is truly important for us as an organization. These values don't change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but they are the basic elements of our company culture.

Our values are also spelled out in our Credo. It's our moral compass and our recipe to be a consulting company that delivers better solutions faster.

Our Core Values


We stand out in everything we do and deliver. Our key challenge is a consistently high quality level in the service to our customers. Through clever design we build sublime solutions that add value and last longer. We provide the environment and tools for our employees to stay in the forefront of technology and methodology. This fosters ownership, encourages self-fulfillment and recognizes commitment. True craftsmanship contributes and improves our methods, our company and our environment.

Maximize Customer Value

We are committed to deliver value to our customers. We can only succeed if they do. We listen to them to make sure that we maximize value together. They deserve the best quality solutions and our exquisite service. Our thinking is lean and agile, and we act to avoid unnecessary formalism and waste wherever possible. Everything we do is based on this belief.


Our business requires evolving skills and embraces innovation. Therefore it is essential that everyone is open towards new needs, environments and know-how.


As team players we find ways to help and challenge our peers. Together we develop useful skills that increase process efficiency. We know how to contribute and make fun in a professional environment. Even when times are challenging.


In difficult situations, we can step out of our comfort zone to make things happen. We stand up for our beliefs and values. Nevertheless, we dare to challenge our convictions and put them to the test. Courage helps us in solving complex problems and address points of improvement, even when riding against the waves.


We treat our customers, colleagues, partners and friends with respect. We strive to keep our promises and timelines, and be fair. Our behavior is considerate, but firm when required. We deal discretely with anger, offense and disagreements.

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